The Chief Editor of the Rock Hard Magazine did an interview with Kim!!! Thank you Holger Stratmann!

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The Chief Editor of the Rock Hard Magazine wrote a review!!! Thank you Holger Stratmann!
An interview will follow in the next Rock Hard issue, we are looking forward!

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Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


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Come and celebrate with us the release of our 2nd album!



  • "I’m listening to what Kim’s doing, I’m listening to what Tom’s doing , I’m listening to what Zeb’s doing. I don’t have time to think about what I’m doing. A drummer doesn’t need to think about what he’s doing. He just does it."

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  • For All The People In Playa del CarmenYou Can Find Our Music In Spinny Grooves . . ( the best music store in town) CD & Vinyl.

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  • When Planets Collide

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  • Share the Message This one is "The Maze"

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  • Moonsidefestival fotos by Markus Münch... Oi! ÜN. !! Thanks!! Gracias! Danke!

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  • Man, that was hot! Thank you, Moon Side Festival!

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  • Heute Nacht !! lets Rock !

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  • Am Samstag Rock&Roll en Black Sheep ( Bretten )

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  • MoonSideFestival 4.11.2017 ALLHAZERED

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